Wednesday, May 6, 2015

1864 - General at Last

Dear Julia,

          As you know, McClellan left his rank as Major General two years ago, much to my prediction. Now I say with utmost modesty, I've done it again. I fought my way through the ranks and Lincoln has recently informed me that the new commander of the entire Union Army is I. The generals preceding me have done very little in the way to help us, I plan to change this. Lincoln wants to finish what he started, he wants a fighters, so I shall give him one. I may not make it to Washington to receive my commission, as Meade has us stationed near the Potomac in Virginia. I shall fight and lead and push for victory like none of these timid generals before have. Though I have full faith in myself, and I hope I have your support as well dearest, but it seems that many doubt my leadership qualifications. I have fought diligently so far in this war, and plan to end it with haste. My background even continues much before this war. I may have a drink once in a while, but that doesn't mean I will slack off at any time. I may seem a bit worked up, but I am grateful. I do hope you and the kids are doing well. Please feel free to tell me all about what is happening in my absence. Just remember, next time you will be writing to a General. I might just go have a drink to celebrate.

General Ulysses Grant
March 8th, 1864

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