Wednesday, April 22, 2015

1862 - Battle Diary - Antietam

Battle Log:
October 15th, 1862

          I knew "General" McClellan was unfit as a leader. I use quotations to show the irony that he ever held such a title. General implies the highest level of military knowledge, the keenest eye for detail, and a passion driven by fight. Though attacks should be planned, they must sometimes be planned on a short notice. When a side in war has an advantage, they should take it. Not let if fade away as more than half a month passes by. McClellan has about as much fight in him as a flower. I felt all but sympathy for him when he was thrown out of position. Though his spot will soon be reclaimed, I am determined to take it. Against all odds we managed to get the upperhand in Antietam, and that swine managed to ruin it. We can get thousands of men over a bridge in 2 hours, but we can't get them to fight for 18 days. I have no doubt that we'd have one this war already if anyone else was in control. This war might go on for years more if the rebels keep putting up a fight like that. We had more numbers, better training, and all the odds in our favor, we did reclaim the town but that victory should have been for the whole war. Though McClellan ruined this opportunity, we do have Antietam, and with him out of the way, we now have a chance.

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