Wednesday, April 1, 2015

Colonel Ulysses Simpson Grant : Enlistment

Dearest Julia,
          Though it pains me to leave you once more, I have reenlisted in the army. With the horrid state of our country, now countries, only getting worse, I see it time that I put myself forth for the sake of the United States. As a colonel, I am of quite high authority, I feel responsible for these bounds of brave volunteers fighting against the blasphemous idea of owning other humans, so I shall lead them nobly. I do not, however; like the sight of our general, Mr. McClellan. He seems unfit as a leader of such a rank. I do hope that one day I can prove I am better suited as a general. I shall not jump the gun, but when the time comes I know I will have to step in. I am entirely confident we shall win this war, with our superior numbers and technology, I'd be surprised if this lasted long at all. It would take a military genius to even threaten us. Though I'm sure we'll win, I shall not raise my glass until this is all over. Enough about me now, how is the business going? I've heard good things from workers at the tannery. It must be very stressful, but I am extremely proud of you. Make sure with all this you still have time for the kids. You know Freddy doesn't like it when you are away for too long. He hates taking care of the others. Nellie won't stay quiet without you around. Tell them all I wish them the best. Take care of yourself too, my beloved.

Ulysses Grant
April 15th, 1861

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